soft about the moss this wild fern uncurls ever so gently where a rabbit is born king of nervous things.

if crocuses in the dirty snow made you cry & remember things… those things you remembered, that is my name i am the rabbit.

if they kept you a prize on their laps, if they crushed your ribs with their weird love, if you cried at night in your cage then you know my name i am the rabbit.

if you were hunted but walked into meadows to feel the blue of the sky at the price of your life then you know my name i am the rabbit.

if you make love with one eye on every leaf that moves then you know my name i am the rabbit.

if she had only two weeks to live, she would look you straight in the eye & say “I have only two weeks to live.”

she knows life is no great shakes. she never clung to it, it clung to her. she loved you. she wasn’t afraid. 

when you were cruel, she lowered her eyes till you said something nice. when you lied, she blushed a little & looked out the window.

she trusted you. knowing you were not as good as you seemed. she was often bored. always rightly so, her silence had no fear in it. her silence was right.

she expected nothing but craziness from us all. when we were sweet, she liked us. when we landed on the moon she laughed. when we killed the earth she just smiled a little & died with it.

if you need a thousand years of peace before you will ever trust this world again, then you know my name i am the rabbit.

if you were quiet once & that was your poem then you know my name i am the rabbit.

i waited for you to fall in love with someone else to get tired of my difficult ways to tell me finally, i’m leaving you, you’re hopeless but you didn’t & now i’m faced with the biggest terror of my life, knowing i am enough even at my worst for you to love me all your life.

if you were talking about yourself & someone was looking deep into your eyes & their smile made you stop talking & you blushed but did not look down & said i love you & tears came to your eyes, then you know my name i am the rabbit.

if you didn’t love someone less because they loved you then you know my name i am the rabbit.

the snow is down soft as cream upon the land the sky is white the sun is disappeared only the trees to make our love song the bird-abandoned trees fingering the wind

i’m breaking up the snow as i am walking i play the Bach bouree as i pass your way wondering as i walk what makes your dreams now you’re dead irene that’s all there is to it, & there’s no one to be proud of lately how i’ve changed.

o dazzling spring soon the breaking bulbs the air is cold your sheets are wrung & hung & flapping wet into the my face here comes the wind streams, smelling of the caves, the corners of her body. how i love the earth…

open up your doors the skies the windows of the parks & museum & in the Renoir hallways i will meet a love with a raincoat on her arm but i will not be the man you used to know. the snow is melted now our tracks are no more real than we were…

& so goodbye irene. & goodbye joe

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Raleigh, NC

Raleigh, NC

She paused midway to look back. Standing there trembling in the water and not from the cold for there was none.  Do not speak to her.  Do not call.  When she reached him he held out his hand and she took it.  She was so pale in the lake she seemed to be burning.  Like foxfire in a darkened wood.  That burned cold.  Like the moon that burned cold.  Her black hair floating on the water about her, falling and floating on the water.  She put her other arm about his shoulder and looked toward the moon in the west do not speak to her do not call and then she turned her face up to him.  Sweeter for the larceny of time and flesh, sweeter for the betrayal.  Nesting cranes that stood singlefooted among the cane on the south shore had pulled their slender beaks from their wingpits to watch.  Me quieres? she said.  Yes, he said.  He said her name.  God yes, he said. 


robert irwin


robert irwin



"While inside the vaulting of the ribs between his knees the darkly meated heart pumped of who’s will and the blood pulsed and the bowels shifted in their massive blue convolutions of who’s will and the stout thighbones and knee and cannon and the tendons like flaxen hawsers that drew and flexed and drew and flexed at their articulations and of who’s will all sheathed and muffled in the flesh and the hooves that stove wells in the morning groundmist and the head turning side to side and the great slavering keyboard of his teeth and the hot globes of his eyes where the world burned."

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happy vday

happy vday

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